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Payments without the Panic

Getting paid for curbside pickup or delivery has never been easier.  Touchless payments by PruPay instantly collects payments without contact, making sure your customers are happy and your employees maintain Social Distancing.


Payments as simple as sending a text

Stop taking credit card information over the phone. Just enter your customers phone number and get paid, it’s as simple as that. Best of all you can add convenience fees and give customers the option to include a tip.  Ready to get started? Click below to sign up for a free account.

Collect Without the Contact

Physical contact with strangers is a no-no. Customers want a way to make payment that is both convenient and germ-free. With Touchless Payments by PruPay, your customers can make payments securely without worrying about the safety and well-being of their families.


Show your Customer you Care

Recent events have made payments challenging. Customers want to keep a safe distance and employees don’t want to handle money.  Mobile payments are effective, but complex and don’t work will for brick and mortar stores.

  • Zero set-up fees

  • Nothing to download

  • No credit card required, ever

  • No obligation, cancel anytime

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Questions? We’ve got answers

Will employees have access to my bank accounts or PayPal Business account?2020-05-07T08:13:57+00:00

No! Our product interface gives you a layer of security between your payment system (Touchless) and your funds.  Only employees that you give access will be able to process payment requests and only Management that normally has access to bank accounts will have that access.  Touchless can only accept payments, it cannot send payments.

Why use PruPay Touchless Payments?2020-05-26T13:41:16+00:00
  • Allows you to accept payments simply without you or your customer having to ever touch any of the others possessions or tools. (credit cards, card readers, pens, receipts, paper money, etc.)
  • Allows you to add a convenience fee and a delivery fee seamlessly and transparently.
  • Allows the customer to add a tip.
  • Allows the customer to “Pay it Forward” by adding an additional support payment for your business if they choose.
  • You don’t need to take credit cards over the phone anymore. 
Why is PruPay using PayPal?2020-05-26T14:14:55+00:00

PayPal’s new platform, called PayPal Checkout, unifies PayPal, Venmo,
PayPal Credit* and all major credit cards for processing payments on a single
platform and dashboard.  We are bringing PruPay Touchless to market with
PayPal to ensure worldwide payments capabilities with a long-trusted brand.
As a multi-billion-dollar company processing payments all over the world, you
can feel secure that all of your transactions with PruPay Touchless are
protected and secured.  PayPal also has competitive rates for like services,
check out their terms and conditions here.  PayPal has also made it simple for
qualified businesses to sign up for a PayPal Business Account.  Once you
have your PayPal Business Account, you can start using PruPay Touchless
with just a couple of clicks.  The sign-up process should only take you a few

*Subject to consumer credit approval

Why a convenience fee?2020-05-07T08:11:34+00:00

To help defray costs of curbside delivery and carry out expenses.  When you are delivering curbside, you are usually providing utensils, napkins, containers, spices, etc. By adding a small convenience fee, you are passing these costs along to the customer.  For you, these things add up, for them, “meh” – not a big deal.

What’s the big deal with Convenience Fees?2020-05-07T08:17:48+00:00

As you probably already know, fees for transactions can add up.  All kinds of transactions.  To use some easy numbers, if you are selling 100 meals/orders a day, 7 days a week and you are charging a $1.00 transaction fee, you will receive $2,520.00 per month in your PayPal account from these fees.  This amount would cover the credit card processing fees of 2.9% on approximately $83,000 of your sales.  Because your customers are only paying for this $1.00 at a time, it’s not a big deal to them.  But as you can see, it is a pretty big deal to you, when it all adds up.

What is “Pay it Forward”?2020-05-19T11:31:46+00:00

At PruPay, we believe in giving back.  During these unprecedented times, businesses like yours need help.  Our Pay it Forward features allows your customers to “give back” voluntarily to your business by selecting their own amount and paying it directly to your business.  As we were creating this product, we asked ourselves how we could help our clients during these times and this was one of the answers.  A lot of customers right now are leaving higher tips because they want to help your employees, however, tips are not easily paid without cash (i.e.“touchlessly”) and they don’t help your business directly.  By having a separate line item to “Pay it Forward” your loyal customers can help your business out directly.  It isn’t something that you have to do, either.  If you don’t wish to have the “Pay it Forward” feature on your payment requests, just don’t enable it when you set up your account.  It’s as simple as that.  We bet that a good number of your customers will add a dollar or two to their payment, and it can really add up.  If you received an average of $1.50 for every order each month, how much would that come out to?  A small question mark by the “Pay it Forward” feature allows your customers to learn what it’s all about.  By clicking on the question mark, a small box will hover over their screen that describes what the feature does.  Pay it Forward fees are capped at $99.00.  If your customers want to contribute more, we feel that they should call you directly!

What if a customer complains about the Convenience Fee?2020-05-27T03:11:05+00:00

First, this will rarely happen, and you should not worry too much about this becoming a large-scale problem. We strongly believe that you are providing a valuable service to your customers and keeping them safer by using PruPay Touchless and that a small convenience fee is not too much to ask of them for this service as well as any value-added services that your company provides to them.  We believe that most people are good, and that most people understand that extra services cost a little. With that said, inevitably, someone will complain about it…some people just like to complain about everything.  In such a case, you have two choices, you can complete their order and refund the small fee via your PayPal business account, or you can just absorb the fee and give them a dollar (or whatever your fee is) when they arrive at your location. If you incur a fee for refunding a convenience fee, we will credit your account for that fee (some limitations apply*.)

*credits for convenience fee refunds require proof of refund in your PayPal Business account and are limited to only actual refunds of a maximum of $10 per month.  If you are getting significant amounts of convenience fee refund requests, we strongly suggest that you decrease the amount of the fee and also make your customers aware that you are charging a convenience fee before you send your payment request to them.

Is there a fee to cancel my service?2020-05-07T09:00:40+00:00

No.  If you don’t want or need to use PruPay Touchless, just stop using it.  If you wish to cancel your access to the service, just send an email to with your request to cancel and we will remove all of your personally identifiable data from our systems.  Remember that your PayPal Business account is a different account and you need to cancel it with PayPal if you no longer wish to be a PayPal Business account holder.

Is it secure?2020-05-07T08:12:49+00:00

Yes!  It is extremely secure.  All of your information and all of your customers’ data is handled using methods that are PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant.  We never share your information with others and we always encrypt any data that is moving via the Internet.  For your customers, they will have peace of mind that they never have to give out their credit card over the phone or hand it over to anyone.

How will my delivery person know that the customer has paid?2020-05-07T08:53:06+00:00

 Once a customer’s transaction is paid, a page will appear on their mobile device that shows that they have completed their payment.  All they need to do is show the delivery person their phone to confirm their payment.  Simple!  Your dashboard will also be notified immediately that the customer has paid.  Their status will change from “Active” to “Paid”.

How soon will I be paid?2020-05-14T10:57:13+00:00

All funds are instantly transferred into your PayPal Business account when they are processed by your customer. You may use your PayPal Business account to make payments to other businesses or vendors, or you may transfer your funds to your bank account at no charge using standard transfers (usually takes one to two days.) or pay a small fee for PayPal’s instant transfer service (currently 10% of the transfer with a maximum of $10.00.) PayPal is waiving fees to instantly withdraw money from a PayPal business account to a bank account, Mastercard® Debit or Visa® Debit card through May 31, 2020.

How much should I charge for the Convenience Fee?2020-05-07T08:16:24+00:00

It’s really up to you.  Our minimum fee per transaction is ten cents ($0.10).  We recommend that you charge more than that in order to cover your costs associated with PruPay Touchless as well as any costs to your business to deliver your services over and above what you normally charge for your services or products.  We feel that a standard convenience fee of $1.00 is generally fair.  By charging an additional dollar on your phone-based orders, you will generally pay for the utensils, paper products and extra packaging necessary to prepare a meal for delivery.  You are also able to set this fee higher if you also wish to cover the extra time and effort necessary to provide this service to your customers.

How much does it cost?2020-05-07T08:14:45+00:00

During the COVID-19 crisis we are waiving all fees for the first 90 days after you create your account.  After that, we will charge ten cents ($0.10) per transaction or 10% of the convenience fee (whichever is higher.)  When you sign up for PruPay Touchless, you will need to sign up for a PayPal Business account if you don’t already have one.  PayPal charges their normal fees for PruPay Touchless transactions.

How is PruPay giving back?2020-05-07T08:19:45+00:00

We feel strongly that we need to help out where we can.  During this crisis, PruPay will not charge any transactional payments for this service for the first 90 days after your business signs up, and we will be donating any profits that we make from our relationship with PayPal back to local communities where help is needed.  Right now, our plan is to find ways to help healthcare workers get the PPE that they need to protect themselves from the virus at least through the end of Summer 2020.

How does the Convenience Fee work?2020-05-07T08:17:04+00:00

When you set up your PruPay Touchless account, you will designate a Convenience Fee.  Every time you process a transaction with PruPay Touchless, the fee will show up as a separate line item on the payment request that is sent to your customer.  We feel that it is important for this fee to be identified and be transparent to them.  When you receive your payments from PayPal into your PayPal Business Account, your portion of the Convenience Fee will be deposited as well.

How does it work for multiple locations?2020-05-07T08:20:47+00:00

That depends on you.  If each location has banking relationships that you need to keep separate or if you need to track orders by location, each location will need its own Touchless account.  If all of your banking rolls up to one account, you can apply once and use your sign-on page at each location to request payments.

How do I track Payment Requests?2020-05-07T08:48:41+00:00

Once you have signed up for PruPay Touchless, you will have access to your payments dashboard. On this dashboard, you will see all of payment requests. The status will tell you where in process the Payment Request is at:

“Active” – A Payment Request has been sent to the customer, no payment has been made.  Payment Request is active.
“Paid”- Customer has made payment and the Payment Request has been completed. Merchant will be receiving payment.
“Cancelled” – Merchant has cancelled Request. Payment Request is no longer active.
“Expired” – Payment hasn’t been made in the allotted time and it’s been cancelled due to nonpayment. Payment Request is no longer active.
“Payment Failed” – Customer has attempted payment, but payment method failed. Payment Request is not longer active.

You will be able to sort these orders according to their status.  Depending on your fascreen, “Paid” orders will scroll off of the screen as others take their place.  You can always access your “Paid” orders by doing a search by date.

How do I manage Refunds and/or Chargebacks?2020-05-07T08:50:16+00:00

Currently, all disputes will be handled on your PayPal Business account.  All you need to do is log in to that account, locate the transaction, and process it via PayPal’s simple tools.   It’s as easy as that!

How do I integrate this with my POS system?2020-05-07T09:01:26+00:00

POS Systems usually have the capability to to add a payment source and adjust for applicable fees.  If you have added UberEats or DoorDash, for example, you are likely familiar with this process.

How can my customers pay?2020-05-07T09:02:58+00:00

Customers can pay multiple ways.  They can pay with PayPal worldwide where available.  They can also pay with major credit cards Visa, MasterCard in many countries worldwide and with American Express in the USA.  For more information about what types of payments PayPal accepts in various countries click here.  All payments are currently processed by PayPal (including credit card payments) So all of your funds will go into your PayPal business account.

Do I have to accept tips?2020-05-07T08:59:49+00:00

NO!  When you set up your account you can elect to not accept tips.  If you do not wish to accept tips, just don’t enable the feature when you set up your account.  If for some reason you wish to accept tips at a later date, you can always just check the box in your settings and the feature will appear.

Can I add a delivery charge?2020-05-07T08:58:38+00:00

YES! When you set up your account, you can designate a delivery charge.  When you request payment, all you need to do is check the box that indicates “Delivery?” and that charge will be added to the customer’s total on their bill.  When linking to their payment page your customer will see an itemized tab that includes their total, the delivery charge and the convenience fee.

Can I accept tips?2020-06-25T07:27:37+00:00

YES! On their screen, your customer will see a slide bar for tips.  It is defaulted to 10%, but can be slid left to 0 for no tip and up to 25% in increments of 5%.  Whatever the tip, it is itemized and immediately/automatically added to the total tab as a line item before the tab is sent to PayPal for payment.  Tips show up on your merchant dashboard and in your PayPal business account as separate line items so you can easily account for them and pay your employees.