At PruPay, we believe in giving back.  During these unprecedented times, businesses like yours need help.  Our Pay it Forward features allows your customers to “give back” voluntarily to your business by selecting their own amount and paying it directly to your business.  As we were creating this product, we asked ourselves how we could help our clients during these times and this was one of the answers.  A lot of customers right now are leaving higher tips because they want to help your employees, however, tips are not easily paid without cash (i.e.“touchlessly”) and they don’t help your business directly.  By having a separate line item to “Pay it Forward” your loyal customers can help your business out directly.  It isn’t something that you have to do, either.  If you don’t wish to have the “Pay it Forward” feature on your payment requests, just don’t enable it when you set up your account.  It’s as simple as that.  We bet that a good number of your customers will add a dollar or two to their payment, and it can really add up.  If you received an average of $1.50 for every order each month, how much would that come out to?  A small question mark by the “Pay it Forward” feature allows your customers to learn what it’s all about.  By clicking on the question mark, a small box will hover over their screen that describes what the feature does.  Pay it Forward fees are capped at $99.00.  If your customers want to contribute more, we feel that they should call you directly!